Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tips for Acidity

  • Drink 1-2 glasses of water early morning with empty stomach.
  • Drink 1 tea  spoon of milk with 1 glass water together will give instant relief from acidity
  • Drinking water having a few drops of mint (pudina) is a good remedy for treatment of Acidity

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tips for Lisping

Make a paste of 7 Almonds, 7 pieces of black pepper with few drops of water and take it with empty stomach until 15 days will cure lisping

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tip for Nose Bleeding

  • Soak some raisins at night and eat them in morning will provide relief from nose bleeding
  • Add fresh lemon juice into the nose will provide instant relief from bleeding

Tips for Kids

  • Give kids pomegranate juice daily to assuage them combat summer’s tortures heat .
  • Grapes are great for children loosing temporary tooth, 5 grams of grapes intake simplify and allay permanent teeth development in children. 
  • Carrot juice speed up teeth development in kids, carrot juice contain calcium which strengthen teeth and it is also very useful in improving eye sight 
  • Pear juice consumption enhances mental strength.

Tips for Mucus and Congestion

  • Make Powder of dry Amla and Licorice together and take them morning and evening with empty stomach will provide great relief from mucus and Congestion
  • Take one small piece of ginger,2-4 black pepper and boil it in 1 glass of water for 2-3minutes,pour it with a stainer in a glass add a table spoon of honey and drink it.It'll not only cure mucus but also the congestion and cough.Try it atleast 2-3times a day.

Tip for Cough and Cold

  • One tea spoon - Ghee 
  • One tea spoon - Crystal sugar 
  • 15 pieces of Black pepper 

     When a mixture of these are consumed together, diseases like cough, cold are cured instantly

Tip for getting quick relief from Cough

Tip for getting quick relief from Cough in few Minutes

Take some ginger, crush it and mix it's juice with 1 table spoon of Honey and drink it

You will get Instant relief from Cough